Younger Buck solutions the query of whether or not you might be homosexual: ‘You might be nonetheless S ** king D ** okay from behind’

Rapper Young Buck decided yesterday to answer questions from fans on Instagram Live, but MTO learned that things didn’t go quite as expected.

Last year, the former G-Unit rapper was accused of having a relationship with a transgender woman. The woman leaked phone messages and videos that she claims showed the two were in a relationship.

Since then, Buck has been plagued by “gay” rumors.

Yesterday, the rapper asked fans to join his live if they had any questions for him – and a man brought up Buck’s gay scandal.

The man started the live by asking Buck, “What’s up, d ** ks ** king n ** ga?”

Then he asked the former G-Unit rapper: “So, are you still king from behind?”

Young Buck replied, “No, but your mom is”. Then he ended the live.


Young Buck, real name David Darnell Brown, is a rapper. As a music manager, he runs his own record label Cashville Records and is a former member of the hip-hop groups G-Unit and UTP Playas.

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