Younger team puts the love triangle in bed: “We have always been Team Liza”


Now that the final season of Younger is finally around the corner, it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite characters – and a certain love triangle.

Over the past six seasons, fans have voiced (and occasionally flipped) their feelings for Liza’s love life. Should she end up with hot young tattoo artist Josh or respected publishing giant Charles?

The season seven premiere of Younger, in which Josh Liza said he wanted only the best for her (even if that means Charles), formally put the nail in her romantic coffin. But if you ask the cast of the show, the triangle has long been dead – if it was ever really alive.

“For us it was never a situation between ‘Team Josh’ and ‘Team Charles'”, Nico Tortorella (aka Josh) told TVLine. “This was definitely a brilliant marketing device designed to get the show hype going. Love triangles have been around since the beginning of television, but it never was for us. I think I worked with Peter [Hermann] maybe twice in seven seasons. Charles just didn’t exist in Josh’s world in many ways. And we’ve always been Team Liza. “

Adds series creator Darren Star, “We always wanted to go beyond the binary choice for them, ‘Team Charles’ or ‘Team Josh’. I think the show is ultimately more than a choice between two men. In terms of how something like this happened and how it was identified, that was a surprise to me. I have the feeling that the audience decided that there are teams here. I didn’t even think about it that explicitly. “

Even though Liza and Charles struggle to find common ground – she wants to remain “happily unmarried” with him while he still believes in marriage as an institution – Peter Hermann (aka Charles) insists that their happiness as an individual is paramount Meaning is.

“We all just want one happy Liza, and I think that’s where both men come from,” says Hermann. “We want what’s best for you.”

Plus, season 7 just seems to be about Liza and Charles getting back together – no matter how long that takes.

“There are things that he wakes up in her that would be missing if she were with someone else,” says Hermann. “There are things in him that keep pulling them back.”

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