Your EDM premiere: The brand new version of RAM Rave is right here

The end of 2020 and the season for the preview compilation album 20201 are just around the corner. It’s a wonderful time of year with all D&B labels and many bass music labels releasing epic compilation albums with a number of goals: recapitulating the past year, remixing some of the best tracks from last year, or upcoming ones Projects tease the new year. RAM will of course be releasing their Epic Annual later this month, but in the meantime, RAM Rave, a series that started late last year, is still running and they have just released Part 4 on Beatport tomorrow, December 4th.

RAM Rave Part 4 continues the cool new direction that RAM is taking with a wide variety of styles, lots of rising stars and established nuttahs. From jungle / darkstep mashups by Saxxon and Carasel to heavy dance floor songs by Hillsdom to spacey throwback rave vibes by Focusfire, this compilation is raw and correct for the final 2020 edition.

Our premiere of this epic album is from Smooth, a name that many minds may not immediately associate with RAM, but it’s definitely not just an Eatbrain favorite. The Slovenian artist has released on Viper, Fricitions Elevate Records, Liquicity and Technique, to name a few. It seems that he got into the RAM bloodstream with his downright neuro-dance floor banger “Romp Thang” and together with his collab track “Shogun of the Dark” with DC Breaks in part 3, part 4s part “Intergalactic” , Smooth will be the only artist on three of the four RAM Rave Comps. I think you like him.

“Intergalactic” is surprisingly slick on an album full of choppy, ameny, brain-scrambling tracks (it doesn’t get that name for free). Don’t get us wrong; It’s still a bass-heavy kick in the teeth with whip-like loops. However, the composition and sound design combine all of these aggressive elements with a host of cool distorted video game sounds in a way that makes the listener feel like they are actually living in an old Space Invaders machine (check the background beats; almost) certainly inspired of not sampled directly from the old game and then sped up).

There’s so much going on on the Intergalactic timeline that it almost looks like it’s telling a story. A very loud, sloppy story, but a story nonetheless. It’s this kind of carpet of sound that Smooth weaves into his tracks that make him so popular, regardless of label or genre. “Intergalactic” fits perfectly into the bigger, deeper and darker story of RAM Rave Part 4 and without jinxing too much, one hopes that it will soon have its own multi-track on the legendary footprint.

RAM Rave Part 4 is available tomorrow, December 4th. No pre-orders this time, but check the RAM Records website for platform links that day (US fans go to Beatport or Spotify).

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