Zedd shares unreleased music as part of NFT’s ‘ANTIPODE’ collection, which is released tomorrow

Zedd preparing for his first NFT drop ANTIPODEwith visual artists FVCKRENDER and SILLYGABE.

The NFT collection includes six original artworks and pieces of music, including IMPACT, INVALIDITY, RITUAL, RESTED – and more that have not yet been revealed. The producer gives a look behind the scenes of the musical and visual elements via Instagram.

Zedd shares the concept: “ANTIPODE means” the direct opposite of something “and the idea was that both pieces live in the same universe but directly oppose each other.”

In RITUAL “we see the ball in a dynamic version – electrified, illuminated and at the center of a ceremony!” And in RESTED: “It is in its meditative space. The closer the ball gets to the rose, the more intense the meditation-inspired sound becomes. “

Given that Zedd hasn’t released any new music in 2021, these NFTs are particularly sought-after products.

ANTIPODE drops tomorrow, 4/6 on Nifty Gateway at 4 p.m. PST / 7 p.m. EST.


Photo via Danilo Lewis

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